How to Type Spanish n with tilde (ñ) in Word/Excel and Mac Keyboard?

The alphabet n is written as n with tilde in the Spanish language. It is written in two forms: (Lowercase ñ and uppercase Ñ).
There is no specific key on PC and Mac keyboards to insert n with a squiggle, but you can use specific codes to insert it.

In Microsoft windows, Press and hold the ALT key and type 0241 for ñ and 0209 for Ñ on the numeric keyboard. Press the shift key with ~, release the keys, and type n.
For mac users, type n twice while holding the option key.

Shortcuts and Alt Codes:

Symbolñ Ñ
Microsoft Windows Shortcuts (ñ)00F1 + Alt-X
Microsoft Windows Shortcuts (Ñ)00D1 + Alt-X
Alt code (ñ)0241
Alt Code (Ñ)0209
Unicode (Ñ)U + 00D1
Unicode (ñ)U + 00F1
CSS Code (Ñ)\00D1
CSS Code (ñ)\00F1
Html Code (Ñ)Ñ
Html Code (ñ)ñ
LaTeX Code\tilde{n}
Mac shortcut codeOption + n,n

Copy and Paste Spanish n:

Even though there are various ways to insert any symbol, copying and pasting is the most straightforward and most used method. You can copy the n with a diacritical mark from the box below and then paste it wherever you desire.

Ñ ñ

5 Ways to Insert/Type Tilde n in Word and Excel:

  1. Symbol Library
  2. Autocorrect Method
  3. Alt Code
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts
  5. CHAR Formula in Excel


Microsoft Office has a symbol library with a majority of Greek and Latin characters including Russian backwards R. Additionally, you may insert this sign by utilizing the symbol library.

  • Open the symbol library in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
Spanish n symbol in word
  • Look for the n with a squiggle and choose it. You can type Unicode 00D1/00F1 code in the character box if you can’t find it.
tilde n in word


The autocorrect method is the quickest solution to enter any character in Microsoft Word. It can be manually customized in Word.

  • Use the insert option at the top of the page to get to the symbol library.
  • Locate the Spanish n, then choose it. Click the autocorrect option now.
  •  Enter “ntilde” in the Replace box, then click “add” and “save.”
  •  The keyboard will automatically change “ntilde” to “ñ.”
n in Spanish on keyboard

This approach can be used with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Alt code can be used to insert n with a Spanish accent using a numeric keyboard.

Hold down the Alt key while typing 241/209.

Check that you’re using a separate keyboard or that your keyboard has separate numeric keys. You can use a laptop to enable a numeric keyboard by pressing Fn and Numlock.

Alt + 241 = ñ
Alt + 209 = Ñ


If you don’t have a numeric keyboard, it’s simple to type a vertical bar in Microsoft Word because this method works on both numeric and simple keyboards.
Open Microsoft Word and type 00D1/00F1 while holding down the Alt and X keys.
This shortcode will be replaced with Ñ/ñ.

00D1 + Alt-X =  Ñ
00F1 + Alt-X =   ñ


  1. Open Microsoft Excel on your laptop.
  2. Click on any cell where you want to type ñ/ Ñ.
  3. Type =CHAR(241) for ñ and =CHAR(209) for Ñ.

How to Type Tilde n on Mac?

Unfortunately, there is no ñ character on the Mac keyboard, but we may use the shortcut code for it.
Press and hold the Option + n key two times on a Mac keyboard, and the letters will automatically change to ñ.

OPTION + n,n

Here is an additional Mac method for inserting symbols in the character view.
To open character view on a Mac, press control + command + space.
Choose Edit, followed by Emoji and Symbols.
You can now insert it wherever you like after finding and selecting it.

How to Type n in Spanish by using Character Map?

A character map can also be used to insert a Spanish n symbol in Microsoft Windows.
Search the character map in the bottom left corner of Windows.

n with tilde in character map

A pop-up menu will appear when you click on it.
Go to the advanced menu and search for “tilde” in the search field.
Uppercase and lowercase n can be found here.
Select and copy it. It can be used in any application on Windows.

n bar in Microsoft windows


Finally, depending on your operating system and keyboard layout, you can type n with tilde differently. On a Windows computer, you can use the Alt code (Alt + 0209 or Alt + 0241). On a Mac, press Option + n, followed by the letter “n.”

If you are still unsure about inserting the “ñ” character, feel free to reach out for assistance at the provided contact information.

Thank you!

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