How to Type Null Set or Empty Set Symbol in Word and Mac?

A blank set is also called a null set, meaning there is no element present. It is represented by empty curly brackets or O with a stroke called phi.

There are multiple ways to insert Greek letters, like the half sign, alpha sign, etc., in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

If you want to insert curly brackets, you can use your keyboard keys by pressing shift. To insert an empty set symbol in Microsoft windows, you can use different methods: Alt code, shortcut code, symbol library, etc. Press and hold down the alt key in Ms word and type 0216 using a numeric keyboard. This code will be changed into a symbol.

Hold down the option key with shift and O to insert it into Mac.
Use the \emptyset code to insert an empty sign in LaTeX.

Shortcuts and Alternatives Codes:

Symbol NamePhi
Microsoft word shortcut code (1)2205 + Alt-X
Microsoft word shortcut code (2)00D8 + Alt-X
Alt code0216
Microsoft windows shortcut code (a)Alt + 0216
Unicode (1)U + 2205
Unicode (2)U + 00D8
Hex Code∅
Html Code蜉
Html Entity∅
CSS Code\2205
Mac shortcut codeOption + Shift + O
LaTeX code\emptyset

Copy and Paste Phi Symbol:

Although there are numerous ways to insert any symbol, copying and pasting is the quickest and most common method. You can copy the null sign from the box below and paste it wherever you like.


If you don’t want to search for it again, you can save it to any document in your file to reuse later.

5 Methods to Insert/Type Empty Set Symbol in Word and Excel:

There are almost five methods to insert a slash O in Ms word. Below are the following steps to use it in Ms word.

  1. Copy & Paste.
  2. Keyboard Short Keys.
  3. Null Set Alt code.
  4. Symbol Library.
  5. Autocorrect Method.

Step 1: Copy and Paste

This method is for you if you don’t want to type code to insert any symbol. You can copy the empty sign () using Ctrl+C and paste it by Ctrl+V on your required document.

You won’t have to look for it again because you can save it wherever you want on your computer.

Step 2: Symbol Library

There is a symbol library in Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Click on the insert from the top row of the page.
  • Now first click on SYMBOL and then on more symbols.
empty set symbol in word
  • A pop-up menu will appear. Find the null set sign and select it. If you can’t find it, type 2205 in the character box.
Null set sign in excel

Step 3: Alt Code

The most practical way to insert any symbol in MS Word is to use alternative code. These alternative codes should be saved if you frequently use these symbols. Hold down the Alt key and type 0216 into Microsoft Word. It will be transformed into O with stroke.  

Press and hold the Alt key and type 0216.
Alt + 0216 = ∅

Note: Your keyboard must have a numeric option to use the phi alt code. It will be available on the right side of the keyboard if you use a separate keyboard.

On a laptop, press the Fn + Num lock to activate it.

Step 4: Autocorrect Method

When you type a wrong letter, autocorrect sometimes corrects it for you. Using the autocorrect option, you can use this method to change any letter in MS Word into a symbol.

  1. In Microsoft Word, click Insert and then choose a symbol.
  2. Find and select the slash O. Select the autocorrect option now. Enter “slashO” in the Replace box, then click “add” and “save.”
  3. When you enter the “slashO” in Microsoft Word, it will autocorrect to “.”
Phi symbol in word

Step 5: Keyboard Short Keys

There are two different shortcut codes to insert the null sign in word.

  • Point out the cursor on the document where you want to type it.
  • Type Unicode 00D8 and then press Alt and X. It will convert the empty set sign.
Type 00D8 and press Alt-X.
00D8 + Alt-X = ∅

Another shortcut code to insert this sign in Ms word.
Open Microsoft word and click on the screen where you want to type it.
Enter Unicode 00D8 in Microsoft Word and press Alt-X without a space between the code and Alt-X.

Type 2205 and press Alt-X.
2205 + Alt-X = ∅

How to Type Phi Symbol on Mac?

Although there is no dedicated key for the empty set on the Mac keyboard, you can insert it. Inserting it on a Mac and a Windows computer is very different. There are several ways to insert it on Windows, but only one on a Mac. On a Mac, we’ll use a shortcut code to add the empty set sign.

To insert a null set on a Mac, press and Option + Shift + O.

Option + Shift + O

How to Null Symbol using a Character Map?

Here’s another way to type the empty set sign in Microsoft Windows. You can insert it in Microsoft Windows by using the character map. Type the character map into the search bar and press Enter.

Null set symbol in character map

A pop-up menu will appear. Select the advanced menu and enter ” O with stroke” in the search field. Now select it and copy it. You are free to place it wherever you want.

Empty set sign in Microsoft windows

How to Type O with Stroke on Android?

There is no shortcut or alternative code to insert it on Android, but you can. In this case, you can use the first method, copy and paste. You can copy and paste it into your Android device from here. This is the only way to insert the null set on Android.
To type any sign on your Android device, you can also download a special symbols keyboard from the Google Play store.

How to Type Slash O Symbol on an iPhone/iOS?

The iPhone keypad lacks a certain special sign, and there is no way to enter it using a code. By copying and pasting, you can insert it on iPhone like Android. On your iPhone’s text app, you can copy it from this page and paste it wherever you’d like.


In Microsoft Word, you can insert the empty sign symbol by going to the Insert tab and clicking on the symbol option in the symbols library. Then, select the o with stroke from the list of symbols and click on Insert. Using the short keyboard keys, you can also use the Unicode character or LaTeX code directly in your document.

Thank you!

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