How to Type Theta Symbol on the PC and MAC Keyboard?

It is the eighth letter in the Greek alphabet used in mathematics to represent the measurement of an unknown angle. It can be written in two forms:

  1. Uppercase Theta (Θ)
  2.  Lowercase Theta (θ)

A theta symbol cannot be inserted directly from the keyboard as many Greek characters, including micro signohm sign, etc., aren’t available on the keyboard. However, still, you can insert it by using shortcuts and built-in characters in windows and mac.

Press and hold the Alt key and type 233 using the numeric keyboard to insert “Θ.” Additionally, In Microsoft word, Type 0398 and press Alt and X keys

To insert the theta text in a LaTeX document, you can use the \theta command.

Shortcuts and Alt Code:

Symbol NameTheta
Microsoft word shortcut code 10398 + Alt-X
Microsoft word shortcut code 203F4 + Alt-X
Alt code233
Microsoft windows Alt codeAlt + 233
LaTeX Command\theta
UnicodeU + 0398

Copy and Paste Theta Sign:

Although there are several ways to insert any symbol, copying, and pasting is the simplest and most popular approach to input any character. Theta mathematical sign can be copied from the box below and pasted wherever you like. When you copy something from this page, you can save it to your document for later use and avoid having to look it up again.

Θ θ

4 Methods to Insert Theta in Microsoft Word and Excel:

There are a few different ways to insert (θ) in Microsoft Word.

  1. Symbol Library
  2. Autocorrect Method
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Alt Code

Step 1: Symbol Library

Select the Symbol button from the Insert tab and choose theta from the list of available symbols in the dialogue box. Select insert on your screen to enter the symbol into your document.

Insert → Symbol → More symbols.

Theta symbol in word

Find and insert the one-half text. If you can’t find it, type 0398/03B8 in the character box.

Theta sign in excel


To insert the theta angle (θ) using the autocorrect in Microsoft Word, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the insert tab and click on the symbols.
  2. Select theta and click on autocorrect located in the bottom left corner of the pop-up menu.
  3. In the AutoCorrect dialog box, go to the Replace text.
  4. In the Replace field, type “thetasign”
  5. Click the Add button to add the shortcut to the list of AutoCorrect entries.
  6. Click OK to close the AutoCorrect dialog box, and then click OK again to close the Word Options dialog box.

Now, whenever you type the “thetasign” in your document, it will automatically be replaced with the theta sign.

Theta text on keyboard


You can type the theta by using the shortcut keys on your keyboard.

  1. Type 03B8/03F8/0398 on your screen.
  2. Press Alt and X keys on the keyboard and then release.


You can type the theta in word by using the Alt code. The Alt code for theta is 233.

  1. Make sure the Num Lock key is turned on.
  2. Hold down the Alt key and type the Alt code 233 on the numeric keypad.
  3. Release the Alt key to insert the symbol into your document.

How to Insert Theta on Mac Keyboard?

There is no built-in key to insert “θ” on a mac keyboard, still you can insert it by using the symbols option.

  1. Open the Character Viewer by going to the “Edit” menu in the top menu bar and selecting “Emoji & Symbols.” Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut “Control + Command + Space.”
  2. In the Character Viewer, select the “Greek Symbols” category in the left pane.

How to Make Theta Sign by using Character Map?

There is another way to insert the theta using the Character Map in Windows.

  • Type “character map” in the search bar at the bottom left corner of your screen and press “Enter.”
  • In the Character Map window, select the “Greek Symbols” group from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner.
Theta angle in character map
  • Scroll through the list of characters until you find (θ).
  • Double-click (θ) to insert it into your document.
    Alternatively, you can select the theta and click the “Copy” button, then paste it into your document by pressing “Ctrl + V” on your keyboard.
Theta in Microsoft Windows

How to Type Theta on Android and iPhone?

To type theta letter on android and iPhone, you can copy it from here and paste it where you want on the text app.

  1. Tap the theta from the above box and select it.
  2. After selecting, copy it on your clipboard.
  3. Now double-click on your text app where you want and paste it.
    Note: You can also download the greek symbols keyboard application on your device.


To type the theta symbol on a computer, you can use various methods depending on your operating system and the software you use. Mac and Windows built-in this symbol in the office library, and you can insert theta from the library.

If you have any confusion about this symbol, you can comment below or contact us here.

Thank you!

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