How to Type Backwards R Symbol “Я” on keyboard, Mac, Android and iPhone?

A Russian backwards R symbol is the Russian language’s 33rd and last letter. It is pronounced as “Ya” in Russian.
The keyboard has no built-in key to insert “Ya” like an inverted 3, but you can still insert it by keyboard shortcuts and Alt code. It is also available in the symbol library in word, excel, and mac.

To insert “Я” in word, type 0426 and press the Alt and X keys on the keyboard. Alternatively, press the Alt key on the numeric keyboard and type 0175.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Alt Code:

Symbol NameYa
Keyboard Shortcuts042F
Alt Code0175
UnicodeU + 042F

Copy and Paste Korn with Backward R Sign:

If you want to type Korn with an R sign, copy the text from the box below and paste it where you want. This is the quickest method to insert “Я” on any device, and you can save it on your device to use it again.


4 Ways to Make Reverse R in Word/Excel:

There are 4 different methods to make Ya (Cyrillic) in Microsoft windows including word and excel.

  1. Symbol Library.
  2. Autocorrect Method.
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts.
  4. Alt Code.


Because it is built into Microsoft Office, this method is useful for inserting in both Word and Excel. You must first select the insert option, followed by the symbol option. On the screen, you’ll see a few signs and characters. Find and then insert R in a mirror shape. If you can’t find it, type Unicode 042F into the character box and press the insert button.

Insert → Symbol → More symbols.

Backward R in word

If you can’t find it, you can enter Unicode 042F in the character box.

Korn R in word


When you mistype a letter, autocorrect may occasionally correct it. By manipulating the autocorrect feature, you can use this technique to change any letter in Microsoft Word into a symbol.
Select a symbol in Microsoft Word by clicking the insert button. Locate and select the “Cyrillic Capital Letter ya.” Check the autocorrect box. In the Replace box, type “kornsign,” then click “add” and “save.”
When you type the “kornsign” into Microsoft Word, it autocorrects to “Я.”

Reverse R in Microsoft Windows


In Microsoft Word, You can insert the Я by using the alt code. Although it only applies to numeric keyboards, you can insert it if your laptop keyboard has the NumLock key.

0175 is the Alt code for reverse R. Hold down the Alt key and then type 0175 on the numeric keyboard. It will be transformed into Я.

Alt + 0175 = Я


If you can’t insert a using “Я” alternative code, you can use a shortcut code. This code can be typed on a standard keyboard without a numeric keyboard.

The reverse R keyboard shortcut is 042F. In Word, enter 042F and then press the Alt and X keys. Your code will be updated to “Я.”

042F + Alt-X = Я

How to Type Inverted R on Mac Keyboard?

The “Я” key isn’t available on the mac keyboard, but you can insert it using your keyboard preferences. 

  • Open the Keyboard Preferences. You can do this by going to the Mac menu and selecting “System Preferences” and then “Keyboard” or by using the Spotlight search to find “Keyboard Preferences.”
  •  Click on the “Input Sources” tab.
  •  In the list of input sources, find the “U.S.” option and click on it.
  •  Check the box next to “Show input menu in the menu bar.” It will add a small flag icon to the menu bar at the top of the screen, which you can use to switch between different input sources.
  •  Select “Show Emoji & Symbols” from the menu bar’s input menu. It will open the Emoji & Symbols window.
  •  In the search field at the top of the Emoji & Symbols window, type “backward R.” This will bring up the Я symbol.
  •  Double-click on the Я symbol to insert it into your document.

How to Make Flipped R in Microsoft Windows by using Character Map?

Here’s another way to type the mirror R sign in Microsoft Windows. You can use the character map to insert it into Microsoft Windows. In the search bar, type the character map and press Enter. There will be a pop-up menu.

Flipped R in character map

Select the advanced option and enter “Cyrillic Capital Letter ya” into the search field. Now choose it and copy it. You are free to put it anywhere you want.

Inverted R on keyboard

How to Type Korn R Symbol in an Android and iPhone?

There are two methods to make R in the Russian language. The first one is to copy Я from here and paste it on any text app on android/iPhone. The second method is to make Я on your keyboard by adding the Russian language.

  • Open any text application.
  •  Open the keypad and click on settings.
  •  Select the language and tap on “Add Keyboard.”
  •  Here you can see all languages which you can add to your keyboard. Select the Russian language and add it to your keyboard.
  •  You have now changed your keyboard to Russian by tapping the space button.
  •  All Russian will appear here, select Я and insert it.


The backwards R text can be written differently on PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone. Copying and pasting is the best method to type it on all devices. You can also select the “KoЯn” word by copying it from here.

If you have any queries about this symbol, please comment below or contact us here.

Thank you!

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