Infinity Symbol – How to type it in Word/Excel and Mac?

The infinity symbol is used in mathematics to represent the numbers that can’t be defined. In mathematics, any number divided by zero is called infinity. Infinity is also called a lemniscate.

When you enter anything divided by zero in the calculator, it will show an error because the calculator can’t be defined the given number. For example: (1/0=∞, 987/0=∞)
Although there are some built-in keys in windows and mac for special characters like pipe symbol, there’s no key for infinity and delta signs, etc.

To make the infinity sign in Microsoft Word, type 221E and press the Alt & X keys. Press & hold the ALT key on the numeric keyboard, type 236 and then release the keys (Alt+236). On a Mac, hold the option key and press 5 to insert .

Keyboard Shortcuts and Alt Codes:

Symbol NameInfinity
Keyboard Shortcut (MS Word)221E + Alt-X
Alt CodeAlt + 236
UnicodeU + 221E
HTML Entity Decimal∞
HTML Entity Hexadecimalȡ
Mac ShortcutsOption + 5
LaTeX Command\infty

Copy and Paste Infinity Sign:

You can copy and paste an infinite symbol from the box below if you need to add it to your document. To do this, choose the symbol (∞) and press Ctrl+C to copy it. Use Ctrl+V to paste where you want to insert it. Without having to be conversant with certain Unicode character codes or keyboard keys, this is a quick and simple approach to incorporating undefine sign into your file.

5 Ways to Insert Infinity in Microsoft Word and Excel:

  1. Symbol Library
  2. Autocorrect Method
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Character Map
  5. Alt Code


This method can be used to insert infinite in Word and Excel because it is a Microsoft Office feature. Choose the insert option, then the symbol option. In this area, several signs and characters are visible on the screen. Locate and insert it. If you can’t find it, enter 221E in the character box and hit the insert button.

  • Insert → Symbol → More symbols.
Infinity symbol in word
  • Find and insert the one-half text. If you can’t find it, type 00B3 in the character box.
Infinity sign in excel


Autocorrect will frequently correct a misspelled letter. Using Microsoft Word’s autocorrect feature, you can use this method to convert any letter into a symbol.
In Microsoft Word, click the insert button to select a symbol. Look for and select the infinity letter. Enable auto-correction by checking the box. Enter “infty” in the Replace box, then click “add” and “save.”
Microsoft Word automatically converts the “infty” to (∞).

infinity on keyboard


The keyboard shortcut is the quickest and easiest way to insert any symbol in windows. This code can be entered using a standard or numerical keyboard. The use of a numeric keyboard is not required for this code.
The infinity character shortcut code is 221E. Enter 221E into Word, then press the Alt and X keys. This code will now appear as (∞).

221E + Alt-X = ∞


The character map in Microsoft Windows allows you to copy and paste any symbol.

  • In the bottom left corner of your screen, locate the character map.
Infinity sign in character map
  • When you click on them, a collection of symbols appear on the screen. Select the advanced view option and type “infinity” into the search bar.
  • By selecting it, you can copy it. It can now be used in any document.
Infinity character in microsoft windows


You can insert or type the infinity using the alternative code in MS Word. Although it is only applicable to numeric keyboards, if your laptop has a NumLock key, you can use it.

The cubed sign Alt code is 236. While holding down the Alt key, type 236 on the numeric keyboard.

ALT + 236 = ∞

How to Type Infinity Sign on Mac?

There is no dedicated infinity icon on the Mac keyboard, but you can type”∞” by simultaneously holding down the OPTION key and 5.

 OPTION + 5 = ∞

Another method to insert it is by using built-in symbols on mac.

  1. On the Mac keyboard, press CTRL + COMMAND + SPACE.
  2. Look for the infinity in the specified characters.
  3. Insert the infinity character; now, you can use it anywhere.


As mentioned above, the infinity symbol can be inserted differently on both PC and Mac. The keyboard shortcuts are the quickest and easiest way to insert it. If you’re troubled by typing infinite sign by using code, you can copy it and save it to your file so that you can use it next time.
If you have any questions about this sign, you can comment below or contact us here.
Thank you!

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