How to Type Delta Symbol in Word/Excel and Mac?

It is a fourth Greek letter that is used for different purposes.

In mathematics, it is used for CHANGE in something. It is also used to represent the area of triangles.

In physics, it is used for the difference between two points. For example, ΔT=T2-T1  (Here T is temperature).

Types of Delta:

It can be written in two forms:

Uppercase Delta (Δ)
Lowercase Delta (δ)

If you are an online science teacher, you need to type various Greek symbols including delta symbol in your daily routine. But if it is not easy to type it on your digital whiteboard then don’t worry, here I will show you how to type it on different devices.

Shortcuts and Alt Codes:

Symbol NameDelta
Short Keys (Δ)0394 + Alt X
Short Keys (δ)03B4 + Alt X
Alt Code (Δ)30
Alt Code (δ)235
               Mac Shortcuts (Δ)Option+J or Option+394

Copy and Paste Delta symbol:

The simplest and quickest way to type or insert any Greek sign is to copy it and then paste it.

You can copy the delta character from here in both uppercase and lowercase form, and then paste it wherever you need it. Once you’ve copied Δ or δ  from here, you can save it in your document and use it again later whenever you need.


5 Methods to Type/Insert triangle symbol in Microsoft Word:

In Microsoft word, there are five methods to insert derivative symbol.

  1. Delta Alt Code
  2. Symbol Library
  3. Keyboard Short Keys
  4. Symbol Font
  5. Autocorrect Method

Step 1: Alt Code

In Microsoft Windows, it is not easy to type any Greek symbol but we can insert these symbols by using alternate codes.

Here we will use two different Alt codes to insert delta in Microsoft windows.

For uppercase delta: Alt+30 (Press and hold the Alt key and then press 30, it will convert this code into Δ).

For lowercase delta: Alt+235 (Press and hold the Alt key and then press 235, it will convert this code into δ).

Alt + 30=Δ
Alt + 235=δ

However, because it doesn’t work on a regular keyboard, your computer must be connected to the numeric keyboard, which is located on the right side of the keyboard.
By pressing Fn + Numlock while using a laptop, you can enable the numeric keyboard.

Step 2: Symbol Library

  1. Open Microsoft Word on your PC.
  2. Click on blank documents or open any document where you want to type delta.
  3. Click on insert at the top of the page and select the symbols.
Delta symbol in word

4.Here you can find Δ. If you can’t find it, type 0394 in the character code box.

Delta sign in microsoft word

Step 3: Keyboard Short Keys

  • Open Microsoft Word on your PC.
  • Click on blank documents or open any document where you want to type delta.
  • For uppercase delta, type Unicode 0394 and press Alt-X.
  • For lowercase delta, type Unicode 03B4 and press Alt-X.
  • These codes will be automatically converted into Δ and δ.
0394 + Alt-X = Δ
03B4 + Alt-X = δ

Step 4: Symbol Font

You can insert delta by just typing “D” in Microsoft word.

Type D in MS word, select it and click on the font.

A drop-down menu will appear, select the symbol. This D will be converted into Δ.

Step 5: Autocorrect Method

Additionally, if you write some random word, such as deltasign, it will change by using the autocorrect method by doing the following steps:

  1. Open Microsoft word on your PC.
  2. Click Insert ˃ Symbol ˃ More symbol
  3. First, click on Δ and then click on the autocorrect option.
  4. Type deltasign in the replace box and click on add and then save it.
  5. Now when you type deltasign in MS word, it will be autocorrected and replaced by Δ.

How to Type Delta in Excel?

Step 1: Alt Code

There is no shortcut key or Alt code in Excel to insert delta, but you can insert delta ▲ (filled triangle) by using Alt code that is slightly different from the Δ (Non filled triangle).Open Excel on your PC.

  • Select the cell and click on F2 to edit the cell.
  • Press and hold the Alt key and then press 30 it will convert this code into ▲.

Note: It will only function on a numeric keyboard. If your keyboard does not have a numeric button on the right side, press Fn and then click on Numlock to enable it.

Step 2: Symbol Library

In this step, we will use the SYMBOL option to insert the delta in Excel.

  1. Open Excel on your PC.
  2. Click on insert at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the symbols. (Last option on the right side)
  4. Here you can find Δ. If you can’t find it, type Unicode 0394 in the character code box.
  5. Click on insert and it will show Δ.

How to Type Delta on Mac?

Even though the mac keyboard doesn’t yet have a specific key for the delta sign, you can still insert it.

  • Open any application where you want to type.
  • Press Option + 0394 or Option + J.
  • This code will be converted into Δ.
Option + 0394
Option + J

How to Insert a Triangle Symbol by using a Character Map?

In Microsoft Windows, you can insert a delta by using a character map.

  • Click on the search bar on your screen and type the character map and click on it.
Delta symbol in character map
  • Click on the advanced view option and type delta on the box and search it.
  • You will see both uppercase and lowercase delta on your screen.
  • Click on your required delta then select it and copy it.
delta sign in Microsoft windows

How to Type Delta Sign on Android?

On Android, we frequently need to enter Greek symbols, but we are unable to do so using a shortcut or alternative code, unlike on Mac or Microsoft Windows.

By copying and pasting, we can type any symbol on android. You can copy the delta from this page and paste it on your Android screen.

Only a few of the symbols available on the Android keypad can be inserted. Fortunately, the Android keypad includes Uppercase Delta as well.

  1. Open any text application on Android.
  2. Click on 123 and it will show numeric and symbol keypad.
  3. If you can’t find the delta here then click on (=\<).
  4. Click on the Δ to insert.

How to Type Delta on iPhone?

Greek symbols are frequently used on iPhones, however, unlike Mac or Microsoft Windows, we are unable to enter them using a shortcut or alternate code.

On iPhone, we may type any symbol by copying and pasting it. From this website, you can copy the delta and paste it into your iPhone text app.


As we discussed different ways to insert triangle sign in word, excel, and mac. Copy and paste is the common and easiest method for all three devices. However, in mac, my favourite method is to insert the delta by shortcut keys.

If you are still unclear, please leave your question in the comments section.

Thank you!

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