How to Type Japanese Yen Symbol in Word/Excel and Mac Keyboard?

The Japanese yen symbol is “¥.” It is used to represent the currency of Japan. It can be used in financial documents and pricing to indicate the value in yen.

Type 0165 while holding the ALT key on the numeric keyboard. Enter 00A5 and press Alt and X keys in Microsoft word.
For mac users, hold the OPTION key with y.

Shortcuts and Alt Code:

Symbol NameYen
Microsoft word shortcut code00A5 + Alt-X
Alt code0165
Microsoft windows Alt codeAlt + 0165
LaTeX Code\textyen
UnicodeU + 00A5
HTML Entity¥
MacOption + Y

Copy and Paste Yen Sign:

While there are various ways to insert any symbol, copying and pasting is the most straightforward and commonly used method. You can copy the Chinese yuan symbol from the box below and paste it wherever you want.


5 Ways to Insert/Type yen sign in Word and Excel:

  1. Symbol Library
  2. Autocorrect Method
  3. Alt Code
  4. Character Map
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts


Microsoft Office has a symbol library that contains the majority of Greek and Latin letters, including the Spanish n, currency symbols, etc.

  • Open the symbol library in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
Yen sign in word
  • Look for the yen currency sign and select it. If you don’t find it, you can type the Unicode 00A5 code in the character box.
Japanese yen in excel


The fastest solution to entering Chinese currency sign Yuan in Microsoft Word is to use the autocorrect method. This can be customized manually in Word.

  1. Use the insert option at the top of the page to go to the symbol library.
  2. Look for the yen, then select it. Now click on the Autocorrect option.
  3. Enter “yuantext” in the Convert box, then click “Add” and “Save.”
  4. The keyboard will automatically convert “yuantext” to “¥.”
Yuan sign in word


The japan currency Alt code can be used to enter the yen character using the numeric keyboard.

  • Hold down the Alt key while typing 0165.

Check that you are using a separate keyboard or that your keyboard has separate number keys. If you are using a laptop, you can activate the numeric keyboard by pressing Fn and Numlock.


A character map can also be used to enter the YUAN SYMBOL in Microsoft Windows.

  • Find the character map in the lower left corner of the window.
  • When you click on it, a pop-up menu will appear.
Yuan sign in character map
  • Go to the Advanced menu and search for “YEN” in the search field.
  • This currency symbol can be found here.
  • Select it and copy it. It can be used in any application on Windows.
Yen sign on keyboard


Typing a yen currency sign in Microsoft Word using keyboard shortcuts is easy because this method works on both numeric and simple keyboards.

  1. Open Microsoft Word and type 00A5 while holding the Alt and X keys.
  2. This short code will be replaced by ¥.

How to Insert Japanese Yen on Mac?

Unfortunately, there is no Chinese yuan symbol on the Mac keyboard, but we can use a shortcut code.

  • Press and hold the Option + Y key on a Mac keyboard, and the letters will automatically change to ¥.

Here’s an additional Mac way to insert symbols into the character view.

  1. To open Character View on a Mac, press Control + Command + Space.
  2. Select Edit after Emoji and Symbols.
  3. Now you can insert it wherever you want after finding and selecting it.


We’ve discussed several ways to type the Japanese yen symbol on Microsoft Windows and Mac keyboards. The copy-and-paste option works on both operating systems and is the best way to insert the yuan sign without any code.

You can comment below or contact us if you have any queries about the yen sign.


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